National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program

School Chaplains help students to find a better way to deal with issues ranging from family breakdown and loneliness to depression and bullying. Chaplains provide a listening ear and a caring presence for students in crisis and those who just need a friend.  The role of the Pimlico State High School Chaplain is to promote and enhance the wellbeing of all members of the school community.  The Pimlico State High School Chaplain works closely with the school’s Student Support Services team.  Chappy ‘Masiano’ is at the school each Monday and Thursday and attends school organised events such as carnivals, camps and assemblies.  His office is located in V Block staff room.

Program Aims

  1. Support students exploring their spiritual beliefs and world views
  2. Facilitate and provide pastoral care for students and be a role model for them
  3. Participate in general activities in the life of the school
  4. Engage with local Christian churches and other religious groups and community groups and, with parental consent, connect students  with resources and programs provided by these groups

Participation in all programs, which are conducted under the School Chaplaincy service, is on a voluntary basis and parental permission is always required.

Students who self-refer to the Chaplain also require parental permission.

General school chaplain interaction including informal conversations around school and pancake breakfasts does not require mandatory opt-in arrangements.

Should parents and families wish to access the school chaplain, appointments can be made through the front office.

The Pimlico State High School Parents and Citizens Association is fully supportive of the Chaplaincy Program and has continued to endorse it since its introduction to our school.

Complaints Handling Process

Under the Program, a complaint is described as an expression of concern or dissatisfaction following an incident or pattern of behaviour by a NSCSWP funded chaplain or in relation to a particular NSCWP service or funding recipient. Complaints can also relate to any aspect of the NSCSWP.

All complaints about the school chaplain or the chaplaincy service should be directed to the Principal in the first instance. All attempts are made to resolve complaints at the local level in the first instance.

If the complaint cannot be resolved at the school level or the complainant does not wish the matter to be dealt with at the local level, then the complaint will be escalated to the Scripture Union, (the Funding Recipient) or to the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).  All code of Conduct matters and significant complaints are referred by the Principal to Scripture Union (the Funding Recipient).

Last reviewed 26 August 2019
Last updated 26 August 2019