Bring Your Own Device


BYOD Program


Over the past decade, technology, as well as the expectations of our students, have significantly changed. For students, having access to a digital device at home and at school, enables them to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

To assist this process, Pimlico State High School has introduced a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. The goal is to enable every student the opportunity to be effective digital learners, who become confident, creative and productive in the digital world.

What is BYOD?

The BYOD program allows students to bring their own personal computing device to school, for the purposes of assisting them with their learning.

Students will be able to connect their private device to the school’s wireless network in order to access :

  • home directory on the school network
  • Curriculum Drive (where teachers store digital resources)
  • school email services
  • filtered internet services

The program will not enable students to print from their device to a school printer.

Access to the school’s computer network is only provided if the mobile device meets the Department of Education and Training’s technical and security requirements. This includes the installation of a commercial grade anti-virus program that is operational and is updated regularly.

Participation in the program

The program is being offered to all students (Year 7 - 12). Parents wishing for their child to participate in the BYOD Program should read and understand the details included in the document below, as well as associated policies, before signing the BYOD Student Charter Agreement Form (found on last page of document).

What is required to participate in the program?

To participate in this program, students will need to provide their own laptop device.

Devices supported in this program are PC laptops* or PC tablets** or Apple Mac Books.

*A PC Laptop (or PC Notebook) is a portable personal computer where the screen closes into the case so that it is mobile. Laptops and notebooks offer essentially the same options as each other.

**A PC Tablet is a personal computer (similar to a PC Laptop), that includes a touch sensitive screen where a user can use their finger or special pen, to complete certain actions. These devices are not the same as a Samsung Tablet or Apple iPad.

Devices NOT supported in this program are Apple or Android tablets (eg. Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy) and Chrome Notebook.

There is no requirement to purchase a new device in order to participate in this program, however experience at other schools indicates that the device should be no older than two years old.


There is no additional cost for students to be involved in the program.

Process to become involved in  the trial

Once the BYOD Student Charter Agreement Form (see related links), has been provided to office staff, the school’s  computer technicians will begin modifying the  student’s computer account details. When completed, the student will be informed via a note in their CARE Roll, when to attend  an Induction Session with  school staff. At this session, the student will be required to bring their laptop  and will be shown  how to connect to the school computer network. Sessions will be run at morning tea or lunch.

Last reviewed 18 September 2019
Last updated 18 September 2019