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​Student Resource Scheme 

The Student Resource Scheme is offered to families as a cost effective method of purchasing resources and textbooks and is the most economical approach to provide the necessary items needed to enable student learning.  It offers value for money when compared to purchasing these textbooks and other resources yourself and saves parents/caregivers the need to shop around for textbooks.

Increase to School Levies in 2023

At a recent P&C Association meeting, some small increases in our school levies were approved for next year. The standard annual School Resource Scheme (SRS) levy for each year level will rise from $250 to $275 while the Instrumental Music program levy and the Instrumental Music instrument hire levy will each increase from $70 to $90. The choral and guitar program levies will remain unchanged at $30. The Years 11 and 12 Aquatic Practices levy will remain unchanged at $110. The Years 11 and 12 Hospitality levy will increase from $110 to $130. A new levy will be added for the Years 11 and 12 Construction and Engineering programs, but this will not be introduced until 2024.

Given the increases in cost of living, the school was reluctant to increase our levies and has worked to minimise the amount by which the levies have been increased. These changes represent the first increase in our SRS levy since 2014. Unfortunately, the school is not in a position to absorb further increases in the cost for many of the items and materials covered by our levies. Our levies remain excellent value for money and are competitively or similarly positioned against many other high schools, particularly as many high schools also charge a much wider range of subject-specific fees in addition to the standard SRS.

As has previously been the case, payment plan options are available to help families spread the cost of school levies across the year. Families experiencing financial hardship can also get in contact with me or with our Principal, Mr Stumer, or our Business Manager, Karen Patrick. Fees need to be paid or an active payment plan in place in order for students to access non-curriculum activities.​



Student Resource Scheme charge is $275 per student.

(Plus the Government Textbook Allowance which is paid directly to the school)

What the Scheme provides

The Government, through Education Queensland, provides grants that are used by the school to provide services and basic materials.  Money from the Student Resource Scheme is used to provide a wider range of resources for student use, including:

  • textbooks for all subjects that require them;
  • printed booklets to supplement/replace textbooks in some subject areas;
  • a homework diary (Student Handbook, referred to as the Blue Book);
  • ID card;
  • a wide range of novels for English;
  • audio-visual and computer hardware and software in addition to that supplied by Education Queensland;
  • remedial teaching kits and materials;
  • student portfolios; (subsidised)
  • technology contribution;
  • additional library resources;
  • hats (Year 7 students & students new to the school)
  • other items required to help provide an excellent education service to students, e.g. sporting equipment.

What the Scheme does not provide

The scheme does not provide the basic “consumables” required by students.  Please refer to the stationery list for items required for each year level.  Please note that the general stationery is required on the first day of school.

What if I do not pay the Scheme fee?

Should you choose not to participate in the Student Resource Scheme, you are required to complete the Student Resource Participation Agreement form, tick NO and return this form to the School office.  You will then be invoiced for all relevant subject charges and associated costs AND are required to source and purchase the textbooks and other resources listed on the Year Level Requirement list.  This is available on request at the School office.  You can then either receive your Government Allowance portion as a direct credit against your invoice or as refund.  Books and resources provided under the scheme cannot be issued to students whose parents/caregivers choose not to participate. 

How do I participate in the Scheme?

Should you choose to participate in the Student Resource Scheme, you are required to complete the Student Resource Scheme Participation Agreement Form for each of your children by ticking YES and return the form together with payment to the School office.  Your child will be issued with the resources once payment has been received.

Additional charges

The following charges are applicable to the relevant subject area and remain payable regardless of whether you are participating in the Student Resource Scheme or not as this fee (to be confirmed) is the cost of providing this subject. Below are 2023 costs.

​Choir / Guitar (included with IM charge if doing both)
​Instrumental Music
​Instrumental Hire


Students enrolled in these subjects will be required to pay these fees at the same time as Parents make their contribution to the Student Resource Hire Scheme.

Building Fund voluntary contribution

The P&C Association is conducting a voluntary donation scheme to raise funds for future development of the Music Centre. Your donation would be much appreciated.

Payment options

The following payment methods are available to parents/guardians.

BPOINT internet or telephone (IVR)

BPOINT is an online payment system, which provides an easy method of payment for parents/caregivers via a web link.  A hyperlink is printed on your school invoices that directs you to the DoE BPOINT payment page to enter the required information to complete the transaction.

Payment by internet banking/direct credit

Direct payments into school bank account

Bank - Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Branch - Aitkenvale

Account Name – Pimlico State High School General Account

BSB – 064-823

Account Number – 090092

Internet Banking Payment Reference – Please include your student’s surname & initial OR 10 digit EQ Id Number (can be found on student’s ID card or by contacting the school office); Invoice Number and a short description. Eg. A SMITH7531SRS.or 125653292J 7531SRS. Please email details of deposit to

Paying in person

Payment by Credit Card, EFTPOS, Cash, Cheque or Money Order.  Office hours 8.00am – 4.00pm (3.30pm on Thursdays). 

Payment instalment plan  

Please contact Pimlico State High School Payments Office on 4759 3444 to discuss payment plan options. Terms and conditions apply.

Difficulty with payments

If you are experiencing difficulty paying school fees, please contact our Accounts Receivable officer on (07) 4759 3444. 

Last reviewed 16 January 2023
Last updated 16 January 2023